IPO List - 2022

IPO List – 2022

Get to know about the latest IPOs that will be launched this year and the ones which has been launched earlier.

CompanyExchangeOpenCloseLot SizeIssue Price (₹)Issue Size (₹ Cr)Status
Pace E-Commerce Ventures Limited IPOBSE SMESep 29, 2022Oct 04, 2022120010366.53Will Open
Electronics Mart India Limited IPOBSE SMEWill Open
Vedant Asset Limited IPOBSE SMEWill Open
Swastik Pipe Limited IPONSE SMESep 29, 2022Oct 03, 2022120097 to 10062.52Will Open
Cargosol Logistics Limited IPOBSE SMESep 28, 2022Sep 30, 20224000287.56Will Open
Silicon Rental Solutions Limited IPOBSE SMESep 28, 2022Sep 30, 202216007821.15Will Open
Lloyds Luxuries Limited IPONSE SMESep 28, 2022Sep 30, 202230004024.00Will Open
Indong Tea Company Limited IPOBSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 30, 202240002613.01Will Open
QMS Medical Allied Services Ltd IPONSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 30, 2022100012156.87Will Open
Reetech International Cargo and Courier Ltd IPOBSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 29, 2022120010511.71Will Open
Cargotrans Maritime Limited IPOBSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 29, 20223000454.86Will Open
Concord Control Systems Limited IPOBSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 29, 2022200053 to 558.32Will Open
Cyber Media Research & Services Ltd IPONSE SMESep 27, 2022Sep 29, 2022800171 to 18014.04Will Open
Trident Lifeline Limited IPOBSE SMESep 26, 2022Sep 29, 2022120010135.34Will Open
Maagh Advertising And Marketing Services Ltd IPOBSE SMESep 26, 2022Sep 29, 20222000609.12Will Open
Steelman Telecom Limited IPOBSE SMESep 26, 2022Sep 29, 202212009626.02Will Open
Insolation Energy Limited IPOBSE SMESep 26, 2022Sep 29, 2022300036 to 3822.16Will Open
Mafia Trends Limited IPOBSE SMESep 22, 2022Sep 27, 20224000283.60Open
Containe Technologies Ltd IPOBSE SMESep 20, 2022Sep 22, 20228000152.62Closed
Kandarp Digi Smart BPO Ltd IPONSE SMESep 16, 2022Sep 20, 20224000308.10Closed
Maks Energy Solutions India Ltd IPONSE SMESep 16, 2022Sep 20, 20226000204Closed
Varanium Cloud Limited IPONSE SMESep 16, 2022Sep 20, 2022100012236.6Closed
Annapurna Swadisht Limited IPONSE SMESep 15, 2022Sep 15, 2022200068 to 70Closed
Harsha Engineers International Ltd IPOBSE, NSESep 14, 2022Sep 16, 202245314 to 330755Closed
Tapi Fruit Processing Ltd IPONSE SMESep 12, 2022Sep 14, 20223000485.21Closed
Ishan International Limited IPONSE SMESep 09, 2022Sep 14, 202216008018.24Closed
Sabar Flex India Limited IPONSE SMESep 08, 2022Sep 13, 202210,000114.48Closed
Mega Flex Plastics Limited IPONSE SMESep 06, 2022Sep 09, 20223,0004011.4Closed
Shantidoot Infra Services Limited IPOBSE SMESep 06, 2022Sep 09, 20221,600814Closed
Infurnia Holdings Limited IPOBSE SMESep 06, 2022Sep 09, 202210,0001038.4Closed
Viviana Power Tech Limited IPONSE SMESep 05, 2022Sep 08, 20222,000558.80Closed
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited IPOBSE, NSESep 05, 2022Sep 07, 202228500 to 525Closed
Virtuoso Optoelectronics Limited IPOBSE SMESep 02, 2022Sep 07, 20222,0005630.24Closed
EP Biocomposites Limited IPOBSE SMEAug 29 2022Sep 05, 20221,0001266.35 Closed
Jay Jalaram Technologies Ltd IPONSE SMEAug 26, 2022Aug 30, 20223,0003610.80Closed
Dipna Pharmachem Limited IPOBSE SMEAug 25, 2022Aug 30, 20223,0003815.21Closed
Ameya Precision Engineers Ltd IPONSE SMEAug 25, 2022Aug 30, 20224,000347.14Closed
Dreamfolks Services Limited IPOBSE, NSEAug 24, 2022Aug 26, 202246326562.10Closed
JFL Life Sciences Limited IPONSE SMEAug 25, 2022Aug 30, 20222,0006118.17Closed
Rhetan TMT Limited IPOBSE SMEAug 22, 2022Aug 25, 20222,0007056.00Closed

What is an IPO?

IPO is abbreviated as Initial Public Offering.  A company that is not listed in any of the stock exchanges of the country announces IPO.  This is generally the first step towards listing a company into the stock exchange. With this, it offers to sell its stake to the public in the form of shares or securities. IPO is one of the process that helps a company to trade freely in the public market. Additionally, it also helps the company to raise new capital to run company.

What is the full form of IPO

Initial Public Offering.

What is the meaning of cut off price in IPO

Cutoff prices refer to the minimum share price at which an initial public offering (IPO) must be priced. The cutoff price is usually set by the underwriters who arrange for the sale of shares. If the stock market opens below the cutoff price, then the company has failed to sell all of its shares.

What is SME IPO

SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. Companies which fall in this bracket can also launch their IPO and raise money from the public. This is a huge boost for the public as well, since they get to be part of a company’s growth from the initial phase which can make them really wealthy. EKI went public in April 2021 and made 1.1 Lakh to approx 70 Lakhs in 1 year.

Where can I find a list of IPOs?

You can find the list on moneymattr site.

Which is the biggest IPO ever?

LIC & Paytm launched one of the biggest IPOs in India.

Do Stocks Fall After IPO?

Yes, there are hundreds of example where a company’s share fell down after launching. You should exercise caution and do due diligence before investing.

Can you lose money in IPO?

Yes, you can lose money in IPO. So learn the art of investing and understanding businesses. 

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