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8 Habits of Highly Successful People

#8 Reading

From Elon Musk to Bill Gates all these Billionaires are avid readers and have long list of recommendations to read. 

#7 Networking

Tim Ferris has often credited his financial success to the access he has to influential people. All it is possible thanks to networking.

#6 Get a Mentor

They don't want to repeat the same mistakes and reinvent the wheel. It's better to get mentored by a more experienced person.

#5 Delegate  Work

They free up time and get their work done from others and focus on more important things like research, analysis, strategize and taking things forward.

#4 Think Long Term

Their visions are long term, invest their time, energy, resources in long term projects.

#3 Time Management

Many successful people block their time specific things for weeks, months and even the whole year. They plan their activity in advance. 

#2 Invest  in Health

There is no point of enormous wealth if you are not healthy to enjoy the benefits of it. They invest in their health.

#1 Goal Setting

They set a Goal and track the progress everyday, week and month to understand the progress, bottleneck and take necessary steps accordingly.