How to get Personal Loan without Document

Disclaimer - This story is for information purpose and not any financial advise, please check concerned bank site for more details.

Personal Loans are security free debt instruments, where one doesn’t need to pledge any collateral. Nowadays, personal loan processing has been simplified to the extent where you don’t need to show any document to apply for a personal loan.

most important factor that gets counted when loan application is submitted

#1 Credit Score

#2 Loan History

lender considers all your existing or previous loans before approving the new loan application.

#3 Monthly Income

lender always tries to check your repayment power, if your monthly salary is good enough and debt to income ratio is less than 50%, there are high chances of getting instant loan.

#4 Paperless Loans

With the fast digitization, most of the banks started providing paperless loans, which means you don’t need to provide any document for loan approval. This feature provides seamless, hassle free and instant loan.