5 things to consider before applying for Personal Loan

Disclaimer - This story is for information purpose and not any financial advise, please check concerned bank site for more details.

#1 Borrowing Capacity

You must first calculate all your expenses, monthly SIPs and other EMIs before taking a loan. It will help you decide the correct monthly EMI that you can pay with ease.

#2 Credit Score

Every lender first check your credit score, to make sure you have a good credit score.

#3 Loan Tenure

Another important point to consider before finalizing any loan is the duration, you can increase or decrease monthly EMI based on the loan duration.

#4 Terms, Conditions and additional charges of Loan

Go through the Loan documents thoroughly to understand all the effective terms and conditions. Also, keep a check on Additional Charges or prepayment charges, some financial apps/banks impose hidden charges as well.

#5 Interest Rates

There are plenty of financial bodies, Apps and banks that provide loan. Make sure you compare the suitable options based on their Interest rates and prepayments charges before finalizing.