6 Things to Keep in Mind while Applying for an Education Loan

Disclaimer: This Story is of information purpose and not any financial advise, please check concerned bank site for more details.

#1 Rate of interest

Compare Rate of Interest of all the options you have. Get in detail as much as possible

#2 Loan Amount

You may need loan for other expenses like laptop, etc apart from Course fee, so do consider this while availing the education loan.

#3 Repayment period

You may need some buffer time to payback your loan incase you dont get a job after completing the course, get those things clear before oping for an education loan.

#4 Margin money

Loan upto amount of Rs 4 Lakh you dont need to pay a margin money. Above Rs 4 Lakh loan amount you may need to pay 5% to 15% of the couse fee. So calculate everything accordingly.

#5 Tax benefits

You can avail tax benefits for the EMI you will be paying in the future. Under 80E you can get the tax benefit.

#6 Collaterals

For an amount of Rs 4 to 7.5 Lakh generally banks do not require collateral. However you may need to provide collateral above Rs 7.5 Lakh depending on the banks. Check this with the bank.